How To Put A Wooden Spool Back Together

Blaaahhhh cement patio in the backyard. We have an old wooden spool in our backyard that i found on craigslist a while back.

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Upcycling wood spools to a stool.

How to put a wooden spool back together. You can also buy pulley wheels from your local hardware store if you don’t have any spools. Leave plenty of loose thread on the inside. Slide a thread spool onto the middle of a pencil.

Thread a loop in through the right spool wall hole and back out of the left hole. When chad sent me a text one day asking if i wanted a couple of wire spools, i immediately said yes! Now put the two pieces together like in the second photo.

Put dress on doll with arms through slit. Awhile back, i found a few pictures of these old wooden wire spools … i thought, ‘oh baby, that has my name written all over it.’ i found one online and came so close to buying it, but then life got busy so i put it off. So he brought me two.

See more ideas about wooden spools, spool furniture, wooden spool projects. Cut slits 2.5cm deep, 6cm from seam either side at top of dress to form armholes. He got a few responses from $10 to $100 for a wooden spool just laying around.

Challenge 1 push up pewley hill. Thread your line through the right hole again. He tried searching for a 5 ft to 6 ft wooden spool on craigslist and eventually put out an ad looking for one.

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Wooden spools, paper straws, hemp cord, and die cut flowers and leaves (including a front and back for each flower/leaf), along with buttons and embroidery thread (not shown). Run gathering stitches along top edge of material. We quickly found out that the 6 ft spool weighed over 500 lbs, so we were just in the market for 5 ft.

I now have a large pinterest board on wire spools and i think. Make a simple hitch around the left leg of your loop. Slide a pencil through the center of the spool to create an axle that it can rotate freely around.

Machine stitch lace on right side of raw edge of outside linen circle. Stick a little velcro disk onto the top of the bobbin, then the matching disk onto the wooden spool. So i put together a post with some of my favoritewooden spools.

“what are you going to do with them?” he asked. On the other hand, a longer dimension will put more torque on your wrist. This is how you tie your line to your spool:

Try to get it centered, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. You’ll have to hold the spool when winding it anyway. This makes it easier to wind up for storage.

Stitch applique piece on top of circle. Use an old wooden spool or one that you bought from a craft store. Each season i decorate it a bit different and it adds rustic charm to our otherwise blaaahhhh cement patio in the backyard.

Sew short ends of fabric together for back seam. First off, i started by wrapping the wooden spools with the hemp cord. The length of the sinker assembly, which consists of a piece of coat hanger or heavy gauge copper electrical wire with a sinker attached to it should be about the same as the length of your wooden spool.

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“i don’t know,” i answered. Whitewashed wooden thread spool 1 1/2″ diameter and 2″ tall. I need to share the spool goodness!

So i put together a post… This holiday version adds a whimsical homespun sparkle touch to your seasonal tree or window treatment. Pull stitches tightly around neck and secure thread at back

I now have a large pinterest board on wire spools and i think i need to share the spool goodness! The wheels of the spool measured 36 inches, and i would be stuck with a small 36 inch table, but because the spool was structurally sound (it weighs about 120 lbs, and does. Challenge 2 reduce height for correct dining ergonomics challenge 3 sand sand sand challenge 4 put it all back together …

Gather muslin circle with double strand thread. I've been playing around with turning them into a kind of bead and using them as pendants, card holders, ornaments and tumbled together in a bowl. The idea of using glass was both necessary as mentioned before, but also inspiring, as it meant i could create more surface area on the table top.

Fray one long edge for bottom of dress.

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