Goat Hay Feeder Homemade

Don’t give your goats a new homemade feeder then disappear for a few days. See more ideas about goat feeder, goat farming, goat barn.

My goat hay feeder I made out of pallets!!! Hay feeder

See more ideas about hay feeder, goat barn, goat feeder.

Goat hay feeder homemade. 4 pieces of water line board, approximately 4 feet long. In the five plus years i have owned goats there were two, ok maybe three things i totally didn't like. 4 foot pieces of 2×4 will also work.

Boyfriend made this after hearing me complain about it multiple times. That being said, the feeder worked really well until about 6 weeks ago then somehow they figured out how to waste hay again like crazy. We had a wire hay feeder that was causing (or allowing) the goats to waste an incredible amount of hay.

Cut out 2 openings towards the bottom of the tote that are …. You may have thought about doing it but did not have actual plans to build it like the ones for this diy square bale goat hay feeder. Here’s some of the ideas i’ve tried or that are on my list to try.

The narrow slats allow for easy access to the hay without goats feeling the need to put their entire head inside. This goat hay feeder will take you a matter of minutes to put together and actually does a decent job in helping to keep some of that hay off the ground. If your goats have horns, this hay feeder is a great option.

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It has holes around it and underneath, but for some reason they. 1 inch and 2 inch screws. It’s made out of an 18 gallon rubbermaid tote.

I was mentally running through the options i had on the farm. Every week i'd pull up at least one big wheelbarrow full of wasted hay from the ground. Scroll further down if you want actual diy instructions!

Diy square bale goat hay feeder. For the longest time, we used a hay feeder designed for horses, which we ignorantly purchased from our farm store. Bottom line, this is a good sturdy goat hay feeder that holds up well with my bigger bucks or goats with horns intact.

One of my goats died a terrible death thursday night. So we raised it up (because they had grown). Seems to be working well.

See more ideas about goat feeder, goats, goat farming. Have you built a hay feeder for your goats yet? This type of feeder helps prevent hay waste as well as with.

That’s why we went with a homemade hay feeder. Livestock hobby farms animals pets farm projects homestead survival goat feeder hay feeder goat hay feeder. When you have an animal that eats primarily grasses, a hay feeder is a must.

See more ideas about hay feeder, round bale feeder, round bale hay feeder. My husband got an idea for a hay feeder on the forum. Hay feeder on the goat house door.

A hay feeder that jeremy built. See more ideas about goat hay feeder, hay feeder, goat feeder. Unfortunately you picked a bad day to respond.

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I suddenly remembered an old sleigh of some kind left behind by the previous owners. My two oberhaslis waste a ton of hay with their current feeder. A quick and easy diy goat hay feeder for little to no money.

This is the one we always recommend. How we put this goat feeder together This option was pretty good when i first started because it was easy.

4 pallets, plus one more for scrap pieces, if needed. We’ve found that this style of diy hay feeder has wide enough spaces between the slats to work for any animal whether it’s a goat, sheep, llama. Almost 0, yes that is a zero waste of hay.

So every morning we’d go in and sweep up a bunch of expensive future compost. It is the most wonderful, awesome, beautiful hay and grain feeder in the world. It also does very well in the weather.

The materials required for this project will cost you about $25. I will be getting rid of my other goat tomorrow. There is still a bit of waste, after all they.

If you are feeding a large group of animals, this feeder will be too small, but if you have an extra crib lying around, this is a great option to consider. I have found a plan and have built four of these feeders for our goats. But i want to explain some of the pros and cons for the different options first!

Now to see how well it does.

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