Diy Chicken Plucker Motor

The electric runs through a gfci, then heads to the switch and then back in before going to the motor. This was a fun project and the results are fanastic.

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The washing machine chicken plucker.

Diy chicken plucker motor. Jack mcgee couldn’t justify a commercial chicken. As mentioned above the small aluminum pulley was purchased on amazon, the v belt was a standard size from the french site Any tools that can speed up the job will come in very handy!

The motor does a good job, it handles plucking 2 chickens at a time and a run of 50 chickens in a morning with no problems. Pex pipe & fittings, wheels, 1/2” threaded rod for axle, lock nuts, water proof switch, plucker fingers, pvc fittings and pvc to hose fitting, press fit bearings, plucker shaft (hardened steel 1/2 shaft). Put the chicken into the highly rotating chicken plucker.

On the left side there is a plastic tote that i modified to keep the electric motor clean and dry. 10 homemade chicken pluckers on a budget. I rigged up a hinge and spring to keep the belt in tension.

Installed some weight on the board to keep it from moving. One such implement is a chicken plucker. Jack mcgee, a homesteader, based in michigan, found commercial poultry pluckers a tad expensive for his small backyard poultry farm.

This diy chicken plucker uses a 55 gallon, food grade plastic barrel, a few 2×4‘s, rubber ‘fingers’ and a 3/4 horsepower motor to do all the feather plucking for you. Patterned after the original whizbang plucker, these plans allow you to build your own homemade whizbang from scavenged and recycled parts. From the threaded bar to a drill shank, you can use a nut.

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The process is so amazing, you never realize your boots are filling with chicken juice until you turn off the plucker. These are the methods that one can use to design a homemade chicken plucker. Different ways of building a chicken plucker diy jack mcgee style chicken plucker.

A motor turns a belt that rotates a piece of pvc pipe covered with chicken plucker fingers. If you really want one and have about $1,500 you don't need, go for it. One can use an old washing machine to design a chicken plucking machine.

A michigan farmer shares how he built an inexpensive homemade chicken plucker for his small backyard flock. You can buy a commercial one already made out of stainless steel. #2 · may 17, 2016.

Spraying the bird with the garden hose as it is being plucked keeps the fingers free of feathers and speeds up the process. This version is made from an old washing machine! Process your homegrown chickens faster and easier with a diy chicken plucker.

I just built a chicken plucker. Made a bracket to hold the motor, attached it to a board. I haven’t used or made a markham plucker, but my guesstimate is that the plucker could be built using new parts for less than $200.

It can be chucked in a drill motor. You hold the chicken against the fingers, rotating the bird as necessary to remove all of the feathers. I don't think a 3400rpm motor would work, the pulley would have to be huge.

Chicken plucking is a very quick process. Using an old drum is a convenient and economical way to make an efficient and workable plucker in your very own backyard. I had a small motor with the same shaft diameter a the plucker head.

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I have been asked to show and explain the construction of my chicjen plucker. It may not last as long or be as tight but, will work. Purchase the rubber fingers , attach them to your drill, and build a wooden stand to hold the mechanism.

If you have an old clothes washer that you kept in the store, you can use it again to make a chicken plucker. The chicken will start rolling speedily with the plucker, and you have to pour hot water on it at this time. Ordered the plans and some of the parts from that guy.

It’s held up well after five years of use. I bought head with rubber fingers from sportsmans guide for $20. Adding pex tubing and valve for automatic water to wash the feathers down.

Remember that the machine is stable on a flat surface.

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